Smash The Bugs
Yuck! Bugs attack! Squash some guts over your screen and kill all the disgusting bugs in this addictive action game. 64 addictive levels, 20 types of bugs and 5 deadly weapons! Smash bugs in different corners of your house, one dirtier than another. Be prepared to face new yucky species everywhere you go. Unlock new weapons and improve your skills to become the craziest bug smasher among your friends!
The Great Hunter
There is a little cute lion in the jungles, but he’s going to become a big and strong Lion King. He should be brave, fast and agile if he wants to grow up. But he can’t succeed without your help! You can try your best to support the little lion while he’s hunting. Help him to catch only the suitable food – deer. Do not catch any other objects: rocks, mushrooms, bones or insects. Meat is the only food that can be useful for the growing predator. See how the little lion becomes stronger and stronger. Have fun!
Service Master
Today there are many different kinds of motorsport, and so many special cars built to answer tough sportive demands. We offer you to take part in a new challenge and build three different sports cars that could be used in street race, WRC rally race and monster truck race. First of all, take a careful look at the models – you should build a full copy of the car we show you in the example. Then, go to the garage and modify your stock version of popular Ford hatchback and turn it into a super race car!
Cookies For Scooby
Scooby Doo just loves tasty cookies for dogs and can’t resist the desire to eat a plenty of them. His friend Shaggy knows it very well. That’s why he’s decided to make a delicious quest for Scooby. The dog should find cookies hidden in three different locations. Scooby can use 2 special bonuses – a super bone detector that can show him all the cookies and extra time that helps if he is running out of time but still have some hidden cookies. Have fun!
Halloween Cardesign Trial
There are two famous car design masters in the cartoon world. And this time they are going to find out who is the best. They've decided to build a unique sports car that would be perfect for a monster, and are going to start a special Halloween car design battle. Help the heroes to build a special monstrous car, then try to catch as many pumpkins as you can to pick up the winner.
Great Car Thief 2
It’s been a while since the gang gave a new task to you. This time your mission is the same: get the specific cars to your employer. But this time you have to add some differences to the stolen cars. First of all – wash and polish the cars; then change their color and some of their details – body parts, wheels and lights. Good luck!
Toy Story: The Puppet Master
Woody, Buzz and their friends have got a construction kit with their favorite Cars. Now they are going to open it and build the Cars. There are 4 different cars to build; each car has several changeable parts such as color, stickers, lights, body kits and so on. Help the toys to assemble and design all the cars. Have fun!
Find Them: Toy Story
Woody, Buzz and their friends are gathered to play hide & sick with funny aliens. Help your favorite cartoon characters to find and catch all the 20 aliens on 8 different levels! Don’t worry – even if you cannot find an alien there are some hints for you in the game. Have fun!
Find Them: Superheroes
All your favorite superheroes are here, the only thing you should do is to find them. The incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Superman and others are playing hide & seek with you. They are hiding in different spots of their super cars. Be very careful and find them all. You have several awesome levels, and there are some hints for you, too. Have fun!
Evil Cars
Even the most dangerous villains want to own the very special cars. This time 4 of them came to make you create just perfect cars for them. Your task is to choose and customize cars for each villain. 4 different cars, lots of changeable details such as colors, wheels, body kits and vinyl stickers, of course – use all your car designer imagination and build 4 coolest cars for Joker, Zoom, Darkseid and Sinesntro. Have fun!
Supercars VS Traffic
Get ready for a dynamic challenge! This time you’re going to race against road traffic. 4 different tracks and 4 different supercars are ready to go. This time you should collect special speed ups to make your car go faster. Avoid road obstacles and the oncoming traffic – or you will get body damage and speed down. Don’t forget to collect gas and repair kits when necessary. Have fun!
Great Car Thief
So, this is your first mission. You have to carjack several automobiles for the mafia car showroom. The cars you get should be washed, polished and repainted before being offered to car showroom’s customers. A lot of work should be done! Don’t waste time and go get all the cars. Have fun!
City Car Dealer
The superheroes need your help. They want you to buy and restyle a perfect sports car for them. Batman, Superman, Flash and Green Lantern have unique symbols of their own, and your task is to restyle cars to make them suitable for their owners. 4 different heroes, 4 different cars and a great variety of changeable details – color, vinyl, wheels and body kits! Redesign all the cars and have fun!
Find Them: Supercars
Oh, look, the tiny monsters have took all the rare sports cars! You have to stop them from spreading all over the city. Find and catch 11 monsters to clear all the 5 super cars from those little cuties. Look closely to find even the craftiest monsters, but don’t worry – there are some hints in the game to help you. Have fun!
Supercars For IronMan
IronMan needs your help. He wants you to buy and deliver some new awesome cars to his garage. You should go to the showroom and buy a car first. Then deliver the car to the garage where you should change the car’s appearance: change body and lights color, add vinyl, neon and cool body kits. You can buy and redesign 3 supercars changing 6 different parameters. Have fun!